3801-xx: Type = Days (1) [Lines: Schedules: Schedule (3801): Edit Entry: Schedule: Type]

Available in software versions 3.01 and higher.
A Days schedule runs at a specified time during selected days of the week. When setting up a Days schedule:
  • Select the days of the week you want the Entry to be active.
  • Specify the time of day the schedule should be active.

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Program Options

Option Description
Day of Week For each day of the week
  • [Default] Enter 0 to exclude the day from the schedule.
  • Enter 1 to include the day in the schedule.
Start Time Enter the schedule start time in military time (00:00 through 23:59). [Default] = 00:00 (Midnight).
Stop Time Enter the schedule end time in military time (00:00 through 23:59). [Default] = 00:00 (Midnight).