2317-(01-03): Start Hour [Stations: Department Groups: IntraMail Pro: Find Me Follow Me (2317): Entry (1-3) Start Hour]

This option is available in software versions 3.01 and higher.

For the selected entry (1-3), use this option to set the hour when Find Me Follow Me will start. Find Me Follow Me will occur only between this setting and the End Hour setting. This entry is in 24-hour (military time). For example, 08 is 8:00 AM and 20 is 8:00 PM. For 24-hour Find Me Follow Me, make the Start Hour the same as the End Hour.

There are three separately-programmed Find Me Follow Me entries for each Subscriber Mailbox.

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Program Options

Option Description
0 [Default] Midnight.
1-23 1:00 AM to 11:00 PM.