2145-(01-05): Number [Stations: Config: IntraMail Pro: Phone/Pager Notification (2145): Entry (1-5) Phone]

This option is available in software versions 3.01 and higher.

For the selected entry (1-5), use this option to set the telephone number (16 digits maximum) Message Notification will dial to notify the subscriber of new messages. Enter the number exactly as you want the system to dial it (including a leading 1 for toll calls, if required), but do not include a line access code (such as 9). If the number you enter is 3 digits or less, it will be an Intercom call. If it is more than 3 digits, it will be an outside call.

There are five separately-programmed Message notification entries for each Subscriber Mailbox.

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Option Description
Digits Notification number (16 digits maximum). [Default] = no entry.