1814-01: Echo Cancel [System: VoIP: Profile (1-4): Echo Canceller (1814): Echo Cancel Enable]

Use this option to enable Echo Cancellation for the selected CODEC. Echo occurs when a portion of the transmitted speech is reflected back to the caller speaking. If the reflected speech is loud enough and is audibly delayed, echo occurs. When Echo Cancellation is enabled, the system:

Although Echo Cancellation might not be required on a managed LAN, there are many sources of echo on the WAN. For example, network congestion and excessive switching (hops) can introduce delay, which will in turn cause echo if the reflected signal is loud enough. If the delays are small (e.g., 50mS), the reflected signal may be interpreted as side tone. If the delays are long (e.g., 100mS or longer), the echo can be disruptive to a normal conversation. Additionally, if the call is at some point switched onto an analog (PSTN) network, an unbalanced hybrid in that network can introduce additional echo.

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