1813-02: Silence Threshold [System: VoIP: Profile (1-4): Settings (1813): Silence Threshold]

Use this option to define the Silence Threshold for the selected profile. Sound levels below the threshold are interpreted as silence. Levels above the threshold are interpreted as speech (audio). If the Silence Threshold is too high, the beginning of words or portions of speech may be cut off. If it is too low, background noise could be considered as speech. This would tend to minimize any bandwidth savings achieved when Silence Compression is enabled in 1812-(01-06): Silence Compression [System: VoIP: Profile (1-4): Codecs (1812): Silence Compression].

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Program Options

Option Description
00 Automatic Silence Threshold Adjustment
01-30 -49dbm to -20dbm in 1dbm steps.
  [Default] = 20 (-30dbm)