1812-(01-06): Silence Compression [System: VoIP: Profile (1-4): Codecs (1812): Silence Compression]

For G.729B CODECs, use this option to enable or disable silence compression. When enabled and silence is detected, RTP (i.e., digitized voice) data is not sent as part of the data stream. This conserves bandwidth. When disabled, RTP data is always sent as port of the data stream, even if there is no actual digitized speech. Silence compression uses the following modules:
  • VAD (Voice Activity Detection
  • DTX (Discontinuous Transmission)
  • SID (Silence Insertion Descriptor)
  • CNG (Comfort Noise Generator)

DSX IP Keysets support G.729B silent compression, although some third-party SIP SLTs may not.

For more on silence compression, click here.

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