Multiple Company Greetings

By assigning a unique Line Schedule entry to each line, a single IntraMail system can provide individual greetings and dialing options for several companies.
Additional Feature Information
Automated Attendant


The Automated Attendant can answer each individual line with a unique greeting and unique set of dialing options. Callers to each company hear that company’s greeting (Instruction Menu) and can dial options that may be only available to that specific company. You set this up as follows:
  • Assign a unique Line Schedule to each line that you want to have an individual greeting.
  • For each Line Schedule, use the schedule entries to assign the Call Routing Mailboxes that will handle the call.
  • For each of the assigned Call Routing Mailboxes, set up the dialing options (Dial Action Table) and record an Instruction Menu.

If multiple companies or departments share an IntraMail, messaging and calling between the workers of each company or department are not restricted.

Conditions and Defaults


  • None

Default Setting

  • All outside lines are assigned to Answer Table 1.

Other Related Features


  • None.

IntraMail Features

  • Automated Attendant
    • The Automated Attendant can automatically answer the telephone system’s incoming calls, play an Instruction Menu message, and provide dialing options to callers.
  • Call Routing Mailbox
    • The mailbox that specifies which dialing options (Dial Action Table) and announcements are available to Automated Attendant callers.
  • Dial Action Table
    • Defines the dialing options for the Call Routing Mailbox.