Language Priority Block Diagram

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Allow an Automated Attendant Caller to Switch Languages
Programming Multilingual Voice Prompts

How the System Handles Language Priority

The following chart shows how IntraMail prioritizes language selection while routing a call. For example:
  1. The Automated Attendant answers an outside call using a Call Routing Mailbox with Spanish selected.
  2. The caller dials extension 308, which has English enabled and is set up to hunt to voice mail if unanswered.
  3. Extension 308 doesn’t answer and the caller is routed to voice mail. The voice prompts played to the caller (except for the recorded Greeting and Mailbox Name) are in the Spanish. The Call Routing Mailbox language selection overrides the language setting for the destination mailbox.

    Priority 1 Routing Mailbox Language If an outside call is answered by a Routing Mailbox (e.g., when the Automated Attendant Answers), the caller hears the Routing Mailbox Language for the duration of the call.
    Priority 2 Line Language If an outside call is answered and then routed to voice mail (e.g., when a DIL to an extension overflows to that extension's mailbox), the caller hears the Line Language. If the call eventually routes back to the Automated Attendant, the caller will then hear the Routing Mailbox Language.
    Priority 3 Default Language If you call a co-worker and leave a message, you will use the system's Default Language.
    Priority 4 Subscriber Mailbox Language If you log into your mailbox and use its features, you always use the Subscriber Mailbox Language set for your mailbox.