Programming the Subscriber Mailbox Email Options

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Setting Up the Subscriber Email Options

Set up the Subscriber Mailbox email options.

  1. 2146-01: Email Enabled [Stations: Config: IntraMail: Email (2146): Enable Email Notification]
    Use this option to enable Email Integration for the Subscriber Mailbox.
    • The subscriber can also do this from their Mailbox Options Menu.
    Option Description
    No (0) [Default] Disabled.
    Yes (1) Enabled.
  2. 2146-02: Email Address [Stations: Config: IntraMail: Email (2146): Address]
    When a subscriber with Email Notification enabled receives a voice message, use this option to enter the address to which the email should be sent.
    Option Description
    Alphanumeric 48 characters maximum. See Name Programming Chart for more.
    [Default] = no entry.
  3. 2146-03: Attach Message [Stations: Config: IntraMail: Email (2146): Message as Attachment]
    If a subscriber has Email Integration set up, use this option to include the voice message as a wav file attachment in the email.
    • When you disable this option, the recipient receives the email notification without voice message.
    Option Description
    No (0) Disabled.
    Yes (1) [Default] Enabled.