Programming Conversation Record

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Conversation Record
Programming for this Feature
Programming Conversation Record Keys

Setting Up Conversation Record

1. Allow the extension to use Conversation Record.

  1. 1401-06: Conversation Record [System: Class of Service: Features: Features (1401): Conversation Record]
    Use this option to enable Conversation Record for the extension.
    Option Description
    No (0) [Default] Disabled.
    Yes (1) Enabled.
  2. 2102-01: Class of Service [Stations: Config: Setup: Access (2102): Class of Service]
    Assign Class of Service to extensions.
    Option Description


    Class of Service level 1-15.
    [Default] for extension 300 = 1.
    [Default] for all other extensions = 2.

2. Set additional Conversation Record options.

  1. 2143-05: Recording Conversation Beep Stations: Config: IntraMail: Options (2143): Record Conversation Beep]
    Use this option to enable the Conversation Record beep and warning.
    • If enabled, all parties on a call being recorded will hear the voice prompt, "Recording," followed by a beep when the extension user initiates Conversation Record. If disabled, the voice prompt and beep will not occur.
    • Disabling this option may be interpreted as an invasion of privacy.
    Option Description
    No (0) Disabled.
    Yes (1) [Default] Enabled.
  2. 4201-02: Incoming Message Length [Voice Mail: IntraMail: Config: Messages (4201): ICM Message Length]
    This option allows you to set the maximum length of recorded conversations.
    • The length of a recorded conversation is 10 times this interval.
    • Since the Conversation Record time cannot exceed 4095 seconds, any settings in this option larger than 409 has no effect on the length of recorded conversations.
    Option Description
    1-4095 Seconds (times 10). [Default] = 120 (1200 seconds (20 minutes)).