Programming Call Forwarding to a Mailbox

Additional Feature Information
Call Forward to a Mailbox

Setting the Call Forward Ring No Answer Timer

Call Forward RNA Timer Setup

  1. 1601-03: Call Forward No Answer Timer [System: Timers: Features: Incoming (1601): CFWD No Answer]
    Use this option to set how long an unanswered call will ring before forwarding.
    • For type 2 (Not Answered) and type 6 (Busy or Not Answered) forwarding, an unanswered call will forward after this interval.
    • This timer applies to transferred outside calls, Direct Inward Lines, and Intercom calls.
    Option Description
    1-9999 Seconds. [Default] = 10 seconds.
    Yes (1) Enabled.
  2. For more on timers that may affect Call Forwarding, see Call Forwarding.