Installing the VoIPDB in DSX-40

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Installing the VoIPDB in DSX-80/160

How to Install the VoIPDB in DSX-40

1. Power down the system and remove the cabinet covers.

  1. Following the guidelines in the system Hardware Manual, power down the system by turning off the Main Equipment Cabinet power switch.
  2. Remove the DSX-40 from the installation backboard and place it on a flat surface.
  3. Remove the cabinet cover.
  4. Remove the DSX-40 top panel.

2. Install the VoIPDB

  1. Be sure to take adequate anti-static precautions.
    1. You should always wear a grounded wrist strap when installing or removing DSX cards.
    2. Be sure the wrist strap is attached to a known electrical service ground (such as the earth ground lug on the cabinet).
    3. Discharge any built-up static electricity by touching a ground point.
  2. Install the plastic stand-offs.
    1. There are four plastic stand-offs included in the package with each VoIPDB.
    2. Following the illustration below, snap the stand-offs into the DSX-40 CPU card.
  3. Following the illustration below, snap the VoIPDB into the DSX-40 CPU card.

3. Reinstall the Panels and Power UP

  1. Replace the DSX-40 top panel.
  2. Reinstall the cabinet cover.
  3. Reinstall the cabinet onto the installation backboard.
  4. Power up the system.

4. Installing the RFI Suppressor Assembly.

  1. Install the RFI Suppressor Assembly provided with the VoIPDB on the system ethernet cable.
  2. The suppressor must be mounted as close to the cabinet as possible.