Tie Lines

In DSX-80/160, link two systems together for inter-system Intercom calling and other features.
Programming for this Feature
Programming Tie Lines
Programming Outside Line Type, Access, and Ringing
Programming T1 Lines


Tie lines directly link a local DSX-80/160 telephone system with one or more remote DSX-80/160 systems. The link is independent of the telco's switched network. When a local system user seizes a tie line, they hear Intercom dial tone from the remote system. The user can then use many of the features normally available to the remote system’s single line telephones, including:
  • Dialing Intercom extensions in the remote system.
  • Using the remote system's lines for outgoing calls.
  • Accessing System Speed Dial numbers in the remote system.
  • Using the remote system’s Paging.

Tie Lines require a T1 PCB and Tie Line service from the telco.

Conditions and Defaults


  • None.

Default Setting

  • Disabled.

Other Related Features


  • Direct Inward Dialing
    • Directly dial system extensions from outside the system.
  • Station Message Detail Recording
    • The SMDR record for an outgoing tie line call also includes the line access codes dialed.
  • T1 Lines
    • T1 provides advanced digital lines and simplifies installation. T1 is required for Tie Lines.

Available Single Line Features

The following single line telephone features are available over tie lines.
  • Call Waiting / Camp-On
  • Central Office Calls Placing (Line Group Access)
  • Direct Line Access
  • Door Box (calling)
  • Hold (retrieve a call on Hold in the remote system)
  • Intercom
  • Night Service (*0 pick up)
  • Speed Dial (System - dialing)
  • Transfer
  • Voice Mail (leave message in remote mailbox)

Unavailable Single Line Features

The following single line telephone features are not available over tie lines.
  • Barge In
  • Call Forwarding
  • Callback
  • Central Office Calls, Answering
  • Central Office Calls, Placing (Line Dial-up)
  • Conference
  • Directed Call Pickup
  • Flash
  • Forced Line Disconnect
  • Group Call Pickup
  • Hold (cannot place a line in the remote system on Hold)
  • Last Number Redial
  • Meet Me Conference
  • Message Waiting
  • Page
  • Park
  • Removing Lines and extensions from service
  • Speed Dial (Personal)
  • Split (between two calls in the remote system)
  • Tandem Calls (in the remote system)

IntraMail Features

  • None.