System Programming Password Protection

Control access to system programming.
Programming for this Feature
Programming System Programming Password Protection


The system controls access to the programmable options according to the programming password the administrator enters. There are three password levels:

Logging On with this Password: Gives you access to these programs:
System Administrator 1 (level 1) Password = 0000
System Administrator 2 (level 1) Password = 9999
Installer (level 3) Password = NECDSX (632379) All

Conditions and Defaults


  • When programming passwords, the system will enforce the higher level password if there are duplicate entries. For example, if you inadvertently set the level 3 (Installer) password the same as either level 1 (System Administrator 1) or level 2 (System Administrator 2), the system will enforce the level 3 password.

Default Setting

  • See the table above.

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