Programming Station Circuit Types

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Station Key Telephones

Setting Up Station Circuit Types

Station Circuit Type Auto-ID

  1. 2101-01: Station Type [Stations: Config: Setup: Type (2101): Type]
    The system automatically detects the following circuit types when a device is connected to a digital station port.
    Option Description
    00 Undefined
    01 DSX 22 Button
    02 DSX 34 Button
    03 DSX Super Display
    04 DS 22 Button Non-display
    05 DS 22 Button Display
    06 DS 34 Button
    07 DS Super Display
    08 Cordless Telephone
    09 Single Line Telephone
    10 2PGDAD Module Analog Door Box
    12 2PGDAD Module Audio Port

  2. For more on setting up 2PGDAD Modules, see Programming 2PGDAD Module Station Ports.