Pulse to Tone Conversion

Use special services (such as telephone banking) over dial pulse lines.
Programming for this Feature
Programming Pulse to Tone Conversion
User Operation
Pulse to Tone Conversion


An extension can use Pulse to Tone Conversion while placing an outside call to change the dialing mode from dial pulse to DTMF. For a system in a dial pulse area, this permits users to access DTMF services (such as telephone banking) from their DP area. Pulse to tone conversion also helps dial pulse callers use another company’s automated attendant dialing options. The user can, for example:
  • Place a call to their bank over a DP line.
  • After the banking service answers, wait 6 seconds. (The system automatically converts dialing to DTMF.)
  • Dial additional banking options.

Refer to Central Office Calls, Answering and Central Office Calls, Placing for the specifics on setting up your outside calling.

Conditions and Defaults


  • None.

Default Setting

  • Pulse to Tone Conversion always enabled for dial pulse lines.

Other Related Features


  • Single Line Telephones
    • The system does not provide Pulse to Tone Conversion for SLTs. The conversion must be switched manually from the telephone.
  • Speed Dial
    • If a Speed Dial number using a dial pulse line contains a pause, the digits following the pause automatically dial out as DTMF.

IntraMail Features

  • None.