Programming PRI Basics

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Setting Up the PRI Basics

1. Set the circuit and signaling type.

  1. 1211-01: Card Type [System: Ports: Slot x: Line Card Configuration (1211/1212): Card Type]
    The T1/PRI PCB should auto-ID as circuit type 06.
    Option Description
    06 T1/PRI PCB circuit type.
    - [Default] When installed, the T1/PRI PCB should auto-ID as circuit type 06.
  2. 1213-07: Signaling Type [System: Ports: Slot x: T1/PRI Slot Configuration (1213): Signaling Type]
    Use this option to set the T1/PRI PCB PRI signalling type (NI-2 or DMS 100).
    Check with your service provider before setting this option.
    Option Description
    0 [Default] T1.
    1 NI-2 (ISDN NI-2)
    2 DMS 100 (ISDN DMS-100)
  3. Programming Outside Line Type, Access, and Ringing
    PRI lines can be either circuit type 01 (Loop Start) or 04 (DID Immediate Start).

2. Set additional PRI basic options.

  1. 1213-08: Overlap Dialing [System: Ports: Slot x: T1/PRI Slot Configuration (1213): Overlap Dialing]
    Check the Overlap Dialing setting. It is not generally available in North America and should normally be disabled.
    With Overlap Dialing, the system outputs digits over the PRI line as they are dialed. Dialing can continue until the system receives one of the following messages:
    • The call is proceeding (CALL PROCEEDING).
    • The call is ringing the destination (CALL ALERTING).
    • Switch dialing to in-band DTMF (PROGRESS INDICATION 1 OR 8).
    Option Description
    No (0) [Default] Disabled.
    Yes (1) Enabled.
  2. 1602-01: Interdigit Timer [System: Timers: Features: Outgoing (1602): Interdigit Time]
    Optionally adjust the Interdigit Timer.
    • Keep in mind that this is a system-wide timer that affects many operations.
    For a manually-dialed PRI call, the system waits the Interdigit Timer interval after the user completes dialing before sending the call over the PRI line.
    • The user can optionally dial # after their last digit to have the call go out right away.
    Speed Dial, Last Number Redial, and Save Number Dialed calls are sent immediately (without the interdigit delay).
    Option Description
    1-9999 Seconds. [Default] = 4 seconds.