Programming Line Group and Dial 9 Options

Additional Feature Information
Line Group Routing
Line Groups

Setting Up Line Groups

Configure the Line Groups.

  1. 3201-[01-64]: Line Group [Lines: Groups: Group xx: Order (3201):
    This option assigns lines to Line Groups.
    A line can be in more than one group.
    Option Description
    1-64 Assign each line to one or more of the Line Groups (90-98).
    Group 90

    Group 90
    Order 1 for line 8
    Order 2 for line 7
    Order 3 for Line 6
    Order 4 for line 5
    Order 5 for line 4
    Order 6 for line 3
    Order 7 for line 2
    Order 8 for line 1

    - All other groups and lines are unassigned.
  2. 2133-[01-64]: Line Group Access Stations: Config: Line Access: Line Groups Access (2133): Group 90_98:
    Use this option to set the extension's access to Line Groups 90-98.
    The extension also needs access to the individual lines within the Line Group.
    Option Description
    No (0) Disabled.
    Yes (1) [Default] Enabled. Each extension has access to each Line Group.
  3. Check the extension's access to lines within the group. See Programming Outside Line Type, Access, and Ringing for more.
  4. For extension users to be able to access Line Groups 90-98, make sure the numbering plan provides for two-digit Line Group access. See Programming Flexible Numbering Plan for more.

Setting Up the Dial 9 Options

Configure the Dial 9 group.

  1. 2113-01: Dial 9 Group Stations: Config: Options: Groups (2113): Dial 9 Group]
    Use this option to assign an extension's dial 9 group.
    Option Description
    90-98 Line Groups 90-98. [Default] = 90.
  2. Check to be sure there are lines assigned to each dial 9 group.
  3. The system number plan must provide single digit (dial 9) Line Group access. See Programming Flexible Numbering Plan for more.