Programming Department Groups

Additional Feature Information
Department Groups

Setting up the Department Group Basics

Basic Department Group Setup

  1. 2301-01: Department Group Name [Stations: Department Groups: Setup: Identification (2301): Name]
    Optionally enter a name for the Department Group (up to 18 characters). Group names make programming easier, particularly when using the DSX System Administrator.
    Department Group names are also useful for Directory Dialing.
    Option Description
    Alphanumeric Department Group name (18 characters maximum). [Default] = no name programmed.
    See the Name Programming Chart.
  2. 2301-02: Department Group Incoming Ring Type [Stations: Department Groups: Setup: Identification (2301): Ring Type]
    Use this option to assign a ring type to calls ringing the Department Group master number. When an extension in the Department Group rings, it uses the ring type specified in this option.
    Option Description
    0 [Default] Standard (the system's default ringing for Department Group calls which cannot be customized)
    1 Ring Type A
    2 Ring Type B
    3 Ring Type C
  3. 2301-02: Department Group Type [Stations: Department Groups: Setup: Identification (2301): Group Type]
    Use this option to assign the Department Group type (e.g., Ring Group or UCD Group).
    Option Description
    0 None.
    1 [Default] Ring Group.
    2 UCD Group
  4. 2302-01: Department Group Overflow Destination [Stations: Department Groups: Setup: Options (2302): Overflow Destination]
    Use this option to assign the Department Group overflow destination.
    Option Description
    Digits Extension number, Department Group number, or 700 for voice mail.
    None [Default] No entry, entered by pressing CLEAR.

Department Groups and IntraMail

Department Group Mailbox

  1. You set up IntraMail options by Department Group regardless of group type. There are no separate IntraMail options for Ring Groups and UCD Groups.
  2. See Group Mailbox for more.