Clear Key

Quickly clear (cancel) Call Forwarding and Callback settings.
  • Using the CLEAR key to cancel Call Forwarding and Callback settings is available in software versions 3.01 or higher.
Programming for this Feature
Programming Extension Access Level
User Operation
Clear Key


Pressing CLEAR at a keyset provides the user with a convenient menu of options to cancel their Call Forwarding setup and Callback requests. Extensions with access levels 4 and 5 also allow the user to cancel Call Forwarding system-wide.

Conditions and Defaults


  • None.

Default Setting

  • Enabled.

Release Notes (System)

Pressing Invalid Keys Corrupts Display

[3.09] This software corrects a problem in prior Version 3 releases with the CLEAR key menu. When the user pushed CLEAR followed by a blank soft key or undefined dial pad digit, the display would show incorrect text. This is now corrected.

Reference: A090925008

Other Related Features


  • Call Forwarding
    • The CLEAR key sub-menu lets the user cancel Call Forwarding for their extension.
    • If an extension has access levels 4 or 5, the user can also cancel Call Forwarding system-wide.
  • Callback
    • The CLEAR key sub-menu lets the user cancel any pending Callback requests they have left for co-workers.

IntraMail Features

  • None.