Programming Verified Account Codes

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Programming Forced Account Codes
Programming Example 1: Restrict 900 and 1 + 900
Programming Example 2: Allow 800 and 1 + 800

Verified Account Code Programming

1. Set up the Verified Account Code options.

  1. 2102-01: Class of Service [Stations: Config: Setup: Access (2102): Class of Service]
    - Be sure to check the extension's Class of Service level.
    Option Description
    1-15 These are the available extension Class of Service levels.
    1 [Default] For extension 300 only.
    2 [Default] For all other extensions.
  2. 1412-05: Verified Account Codes [System: Class of Service: Toll Restriction: Toll Restriction (1412): Verify Account Code]
    - This option turns Verified Account Codes on and off in station Class of Service.
    Option Description
    0 (No) [Default] Disable Verified Account Codes in an extension's Class of Service.
    1 (Yes) Enable Verified Account Codes in an extension's Class of Service.

2. Enter Data into the Verified Account Codes Table.

  1. 3601-xx: Verified Account Code Data [Lines: Account Codes: Codes: Codes (3601): Dial Code]
    - A Verified Account Code can be from 1 to 10 digits long, using the digits 0-9. You can use the * character as a wild card, which can be entered in any position in a Verified Account Code.
    Option Description
    - [Default] No entries.
    - 1000 entries maximum.
  2. 1551-01: Dial # to Enter Account Codes [System: Options: Setup: Account Codes (1551): # Key to Enter Account Codes]
    - Check this option. If you have it enabled, do not enter # in any of your Verified Account Codes.
    Option Description
    No (0) [Default] Disabled.
    Yes (1) Enabled.