2115-02: DID Station Intercept Destination Stations: Config: Options: Hunt/Overflow (2115): DID Intercept Destination]

Use this option to set the extension’s DID Intercept destination. When DID Intercept occurs, the incoming DID call routes to the destination specified in this option. The destination can be an extension, a UCD or Ring Group master number, or the voice mail master number.

For Ring No Answer Intercept, intercept occurs after the 1601-02: DIL No Answer Timer interval. If the call is not picked up at the intercept destination (or intercept is not programmed to pick up the call), the call follows the line overflow routing.

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Program Options

Option Description
0-999 Extension number (Default=300)
700-707 UCD Group master number
700 Voice Mail master number
600-607 Ring Group master number