1815-02: DTMF Payload Type Number [System: VoIP: Profile (1-4): DTMF (1815): DTMF Payload]

The DTMF Payload Type Number is the RTP Payload Type Number that indicates the transmitted packet contains DTMF digits. If an IP extension user presses a dial pad digit after their call is connected, the following occurs:
  1. The dialed digit is encoded as an NTE (Named Telephone Event).
  2. The NTE is included in an RTP (digitized voice) packet.
  3. The packet is marked with the DTMF Payload Type Number set in this option and transmitted.
  4. The system receives the packet, detects the DTMF type number, decodes the NTE, and plays the associated DTMF digit to the destination.

The entry must be in the dynamic payload number range of 96-127, but there is normally no reason to change from the default entry of 96. Click here for a list of the RTP Payload Type assignments. The Payload Type Number assignment should be the same for both ends of the call.

If 1815-01: DTMF Relay [System: VoIP: Profile (1-4): DTMF (1815): DTMF Relay Enable] is disabled, this option has no meaning.

Both ends of the call should have DTMF Relay enabled.

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Option Description
96-127 Payload Type Numbers 96-127. [Default] = 96.