1801-04: RTP Range Start [System: VoIP: Setup: SIP Ports (1801): RTP Range Start]

Available in software versions 3.01 and higher.
[3.00.32] Use this option to designate the network port that is the low end of RTP protocol port range. RTP doesn't use preassigned ports, but communicates over a range of ports between the setting of this option plus 64 (i.e., 1088). This accommodates the 32 RTP ports and 32 RTCP ports required by the system's 32 maximum VoIP ports. The default setting is 1024, which is the beginning of the Registered Port range. Normally, you should leave this setting and its default value.

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Option Description
0000-9999 Network port (endpoint). [Default] = 1024.
  • Normally, this option should not be changed from default.