1551-04: Account Code Toll Restriction Level [System: Options: Setup: Account Codes (1551): Toll Level]

If 1412-06: Account Codes for Toll Calls Only [System: Class of Service: Toll Restriction: Toll Restriction (1412): Forced (Toll Only) Account Code] is enabled, use this option to differentiate toll calls from local calls for Account Code purposes. If you enter 0 for this option, toll calls are any calls the user dials that begin with 0 or 1. If you enter a toll level for this option (1-7), the system uses the toll level options programmed in 35xx-Toll Restriction for that level to determine if the call is local or toll.
  • If the toll level is set to deny the call, it is considered to be a long distance call and the system requires that the user must have entered an Account Code.
  • If the toll level permits the call, it is considered to be a local call and no Account Code entry is required.
  • Note that additional dialing restrictions enforced by an extension’s toll level are in effect and may also restrict dialing.