1222: MAC Address [System: Ports: IP Stations: Assignment (1221/1222)]

Use this option to enter the MAC (Media Access Control) address of the associated IP telephone. This 12-digit alphanumeric code uniquely identifies the IP telephone and is used by the system to assign IP telephones to specific extensions. During installation, you can plug the IP telephone into virtually any network jack and it will always have the same extension number.

Before entering data in this option, make sure Use MAC is enabled. See Program Options below.

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Program Options

Use MAC Option Description
No (0) Disabled.
Yes (1) [Default] Enabled.
MAC Address Option Description
Alphanumeric IP telephone MAC address (12 characters maximum).[Default] = no entry.
  • When entering data:
    • Enter digits from the dial pad.
    • Use Feature Keys 1-6 to enter letters A-F.
  • When editing data:
    • Use Volume Up and Volume Down to select a character.
    • Use CLEAR to erase the selected character.
    • Characters insert before the flashing entry.