1213-03: Transmit Pulse Amplitude [System: Ports: Slot x: T1/PRI Slot Configuration (1213): Signaling Type]

This option controls the amplitude (strength) of the T1 signals transmitted by the PCB to the telco smart jack or your CSU (if used).

Entries 0-4 correspond to the distance from the T1 PCB to either the telco’s smart jack or your CSU (depending on your installation). The T1 PCB automatically adjusts the signal amplitude based on your entry.

You can alternately use entries 5-7 to make fixed attenuation entries. If connected to a CSU, set your attenuation to match the requirements of the CSU. If your T1 PCB is connected directly to the telco’s smart jack, the telco will tell you if any attenuation is required.

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Program Options

Option Description
1 0-133 feet (0 dB) (Default)
2 133-266 feet
3 266-399 feet
4 399-533 feet
5 533-655 feet
6 -7.5 dB
7 -15 dB
8 -22.5 dB