1213-01: Number of PCM Channels [System: Ports: Slot x: T1/PRI Slot Configuration (1213): Channels]

Use this option to determine the number of active channels on the PCB. T1 PCBs have 24 available channels. Enter the number of channels to be active, or enter 0 to activate all channels.

If you are using all channels in the T1, leave this entry at 0. If you are connected to a fractional telco T1 circuit (e.g., providing only 8 circuits), set this option to match the number of circuits in your fractional span. Additionally, you may have to limit the number of active channels if the system has a unique configuration that could exceed the 119 allowable timeslots.

This option always selects the lowest channels. For example, an entry of 8 uses channels 1-8. When connecting to a DSU and splitting voice and data channels, the voice channels must be the lower-numbered channels.

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