Check Key Enhancements

Using the Check Key to get System Information

[3.01] Pressing CHECK and a right-column Fixed Feature Key displays important information about your system. This capability is available at any keyset extension and is for viewing only. You cannot use the CHECK key to edit the displayed information. See the following table.

Check Key System Information
CHECK + Display Description
INTERCOM Extension xxx The telephone's extension number.
Station:xxx The telephone's station port number.
Slot:x Port:x The slot to which the extension is connected, and the port on the card in that slot.
V-MAIL IntraMail Version x.xx The IntraMail prompt set version number.
Ports:x Type:Pro The number of IntraMail ports installed, followed by the IntraMail Type (Pro or Standard).
Lic Code: The 13-character IntraMail license code. If you want to upgrade your IntraMail, you'll need to provide this code.
DND The IP address of the system to which the telephone is connected. The system's gateway (router) address.
DHCP:xxx The DHCP status: On, Off, or On (Manual IP).
CONF VoIP The VoIP installation status: Installed or Not Installed
Ports: The number of licensed VoIP ports.
Lic Code: The 13-character VoIP license code. If you want to add VoIP ports to the system, you'll need to provide this code.
HOLD DSX-xxx x.xx.xx The system type (40, 80, or 160) and the software level.
Installed The system installation date.
Sys Code: The 13-character system code. If you lose the level 3 system password or otherwise get locked out, you'll need to provide this entry so you can get an unlock code.