User Level Programming

User Level Programming

[3.01] User Level Programming using the soft keys has an extensive face lift and functional overhaul in Version 3. The new, more intuitive interface uses all three lines of the telephone display to provide the extension user with better guidance when selecting options and setting preferences.

The Main Menu consists of 10 sub-menus which group similar options into the same sub-menu. When setting up their telephone or using a feature, the user can just scroll through the soft key menus and options rather than remembering feature codes.

Keyset User Level Programming
Menu Description Available in Access Levels
00: Admin 4 and 5
10: Volume Preferences 1-5
20: Display Preferences 1-5
30: Feature Preferences 1-5
40: Ring Preferences 1-5
50: Key Assignments 3-5
60: Call Forwarding 1-5
70: Speed Dial Personal Speed Dial in 1-5. System Speed Dial in 4 and 5 only.
80: Name and Language 1-5
90: Option Preferences 1-5

Shortcuts for Power Users

An extensive system of shortcuts is built into the soft key interface which allows "power users" to quickly jump to the option they want to customize. Each sub-menu has a numeric equivalent (see the chart above) that takes the user directly to the menu or even to an option within a menu. For example, the following shows two ways to get to the Display Language option:

Normal User
  1. Press Menu.
  2. Press Next until you see 50:Key Assignments.
  3. Press Select. You then see 51:Feature Keys.
Power User
  • Press Menu and dial 51.