Security Code Options

Available in software versions 3.01 and higher.

Security Code Logon Option

After a subscriber enters their Security Code, they can choose to make it required for all logons or just remote logons. When enabled for all logons, the subscriber must enter their Security Code to access voice mail from their own extension, from a co-worker's extension, or remotely through the Automated Attendant. If enabled just for remote logons, the subscriber can go right into voice mail from their own telephone. However, the Security Code is still required from a co-worker's extension or from the Automated Attendant.

The Security Code logon option is a convenience for those who normally leave their office locked or otherwise secure. Those who work in open areas should normally set their mailbox to always require a Security Code.

A subscriber can set the Security Code option from the Mailbox Options Menu. You can also set the option from system programming.