Multilingual Voice Prompts

Available in software versions 3.01 or higher.
  • Multilingual Voice Prompts requires one of the following:
    • Version 3 IntraMail or IntraMail Pro CompactFlash card.
    • Version 2 IntraMail or IntraMail Pro CompactFlash card that has been upgraded to Version 3.


Multilingual Voice Prompts provide IntraMail voice prompts in three languages: English, Spanish, and French. These language choices are available to Routing Mailboxes, outside lines, and Subscriber Mailboxes (for both stations and Department Groups). Here is how the system handles languages:
  • Routing Mailbox Language
    • This is the language the Automated Attendant initially plays to the outside caller. Each Routing Mailbox has a unique language selection. The language provided depends on the Routing Mailbox that handles the call.
  • Line Language
    • For outside calls not answered by the Automated Attendant, this is the language the caller hears when routed to voice mail. A caller also hears the line language if transferred to a mailbox.
  • Subscriber Mailbox Language
    • When a subscriber logs onto their mailbox, they always hear the language set for the mailbox. This is true for both station mailboxes and Department Group mailboxes.

Automated Attendant callers can optionally dial a digit to select the language of their choice.

Selecting the User Interface

A Subscriber Mailbox can have either a numeric or mnemonic dialing interface. If set to numeric, voice mail options are announced as digits: “To record and send a message, dial 7 7 (seven seven).” If set to mnemonic, voice mail options are announced descriptively: “To record and send a message, dial R S,” where R S is a mnemonic representation of Record and Send. You can set the user interface for both station and Department Group mailboxes.