Find Me Follow Me

Available only with IntraMail Pro.


Find Me Follow Me helps a caller locate an extension user who is not at their desk. If their call is unanswered and is picked up by voice mail, the caller has the option of dialing a digit to try up to three alternate Find Me Follow Me destinations. A destination can be an outside number (such as a cell phone or home office) or a co-worker's extension.

The Find Me Follow destinations are set up in the Find Me Follow Me schedule. Each of the three schedule entries can be individually enabled or disabled and provides options for Start Hour, End Hour, and destination number. If the caller chooses the Find Me Follow Me option, the system will try each enabled entry that is active for the current time (i.e., in-schedule). The system will not try any entries that are disabled or are not in-schedule.

When trying the destinations, Find Me Follow Me skips an active, in-schedule number that is busy, in DND, or is unanswered. The caller can then choose to try Find Me Follow Me again or select another Automated Attendant option.

You can set up Find Me Follow Me for an extension in system programming. In addition, an extension user can set up Find Me Follow Me from their Mailbox Options.

Note: Find Me Follow Me requires that Tandem Calls be enabled on the line that rings into the Automated Attendant. If Tandem Calls is not enabled, the Find Me Follow Me options for outside calls are unavailable.

Find Me Following Interactions with other Call Handling Options

You can combine Find Me Follow Me with other call handling options like Park and Page and Next Call Routing Mailbox. For example, if an extension with all these options enabled simultaneously is unanswered, the caller can:
  • Dial 1 to leave a message.
  • Dial 2 to Park and Page.
  • Dial 3 for Find Me Follow Me.
  • Dial 4 for the Next Call Routing Mailbox options.

If Park and Page Immediate is enabled, Find Me Follow Me and the other call handling options occur if the initial Page is unanswered.