Department Groups


The system has 30 Department Groups that you can set up as either Ring Groups or UCD Groups, replacing the separate Ring and UCD Groups in prior software versions. Department Groups provide additional group capacity, better flexibility, and more simplified programming. For example:
  • There are 30 Department Groups, compared with 8 Ring Groups and 8 UCD Groups in prior versions.
  • You can assign all the Department Groups as Ring Groups, all as UCD Groups, or choose any combination of the two.
  • To configure a Department Group, just assign extensions to Department Groups and set the group types. Additionally, the group IntraMail options are set up by Department Group regardless of group type. There are no separate IntraMail options for Ring Groups and UCD Groups.

Separately programmed Ring Groups and UCD Groups are no longer available. Circular and Terminal Hunting setup is unchanged

System operators (if assigned) can be Department Group members. This is helpful for Door Box and workgroup answering.