Caller ID Manual Callback Selection


A Caller ID callback number can be automatically dialed by the system or manually selected by the extension user. To allow users to manually select the callback number, you must first turn off the Caller ID Routing Tables in programming. This lets the extension user choose a callback number right from the telephone display. For example, an extension user can:
  1. Review their Caller ID log and display the number they wish to return.
  2. Press Callback.
  3. Select a number from their display. For example, it the incoming Caller ID number is 203-926-5400, the display choices are:
    • 203-926-5400
    • 1-203-926-5400
    • 926-5400
  4. The number will dial out on the programmed Caller ID Callback route.

If the Caller ID number is non-standard (i.e., not 10 digits long), the system will dial the number on the programmed route exactly as it was received. It will not be processed in the Caller ID routing tables and the user will not be prompted with callback choices.

See Caller ID Logging for more.