Live Call Screening

Users can screen (listen to) voice mail messages as they are being left in their mailbox.
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Live Call Screening


Live Call Screening allows a display keyset extension user to listen to (screen) a voice mail message as it is being left in their mailbox. Live Call Screening emulates a standard home answering machine — in addition to providing more control when handling incoming messages. Similar to Personal Answering Machine Emulation, the extension user can listen as the message is being left, intercept the call, or end the screen and have the message recorded privately. Unlike Personal Answering Machine emulation, Live Call Screening does not require the extension user to forward their calls immediately to voice mail. The telephone display automatically shows the Live Call Screening soft key options as soon as the recording begins.

When enabled, Live Call Screening will broadcast the caller’s message as soon as the mailbox Greeting completes. Additionally, if the extension user intercepts (answers) the screened call, the first portion of the message is automatically erased from the extension’s mailbox.

Any caller that can leave a message can have their call screened by the extension user.

Live Call Screening and Group Mailboxes

If extensions share a Group Mailbox, any number of extensions in the group can screen an incoming message. The group extensions can monitor the incoming message simultaneously. If any group member answers the call (i.e., intercepts the incoming message), the remaining group members are immediately disconnected.

Automatic Live Call Screening

With Automatic Live Call Screening enabled, an extension will immediately screen (broadcast) an incoming message as soon as the caller starts to leave it in the extension’s mailbox. The extension user hears two beeps followed by the caller’s voice.

Conditions and Defaults


  • If more than one caller is leaving a message in a mailbox simultaneously, Live Call Screening will listen to the first message.

Default Setting

  • Live Call Screening disabled.

Release Notes (System)

Caller's Message Not Broadcast At IP Keyset

[3.09] In prior versions of software, Live Call Screening would not broadcast the caller's voice as the extension user screened the incoming message. This condition existed in Answering Machine Emulation as well. It is now corrected.

Reference: A090925012

Other Related Features


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IntraMail Features

  • Group Mailbox
    • Any number of extensions in the group can screen an incoming message.