Conversation Record

Additional Feature Information
Conversation Record

Using Conversation Record

  • Only one party on a call can use Conversation Record at any one time. This includes Intercom calls and Conference calls.

To record a conversation:

  1. While on an outside call, do one of the following:
    1. Push Record [More + Rec].
    2. Press a Conversation Record key for your own mailbox or a co-worker's mailbox. While recording, the key flashes fast green.
  2. Once recording begins:
    1. You and your caller hear the voice prompt "Recording" followed by a beep.
    2. Your display shows into which mailbox the call is recording.

To turn Conversation Record on and off while on a call:

  1. Press the active Conversation Record key.
  2. Or, push Record (Rec).
  3. The portion of the call already recorded is sent to your mailbox as a new message.

To assign a Conversation Record key:

  1. Push Menu.
    • Super Display: Push Key Assignment + Feature Keys.
    • Keyset: Dial 51.
  2. You can set up a Conversation Record key to record into your mailbox or a co-worker's mailbox.
  3. See Feature Keys for more.