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The CHECK Menu

To access the IP Keyset CHECK Menu:

  1. Press CHECK for two seconds.
    1. This option is not available while the keyset is starting or initializing.
  2. The CHECK options menu displays.
DSX IP Keyset CHECK Key Options Menu
  1.Lost Packets While you are on a call, this selection keeps track of lost voice packets.
  2.Codec While on a call, this selection shows the CODEC used for the call.
  3.Frame Size While on a call, this selection shows the frame size of the RTP voice packets (also called P Time).
2.System Information
  1.Network Settings
    DHCP Mode Shows if DHCP for the IP keyset is on or off.
    IP Address This is the keyset's IP address. The display also indicates the method used to obtain the address (e.g., DHCP).
    Default Gateway Default Gateway is the address of the router to which the IP keyset is connected. This differentiates internal (LAN) addresses from external (WAN) addresses.
    Subnet Mask The Subnet Mask determines which digits of an internal (LAN) IP address are used for routing. The display also indicates the method used to obtain the address (e.g., DHCP).
    DNS Address DNS (Domain Name Server) is the address of the server that converts URLs to numeric routing addresses. (Currently, IP keysets do not send URLs.)
  2.SIP Settings
    User ID The User ID is the IP keyset's extension number.
    Keyset URL This expression is the extension number@keyset IP address:sip port number.
  • For extension 401 at on port 5060, this expression would be: sip:401@
  • Push >> to see the entire expression. P0 and P1 show which display page you are viewing.
    Connected SIP Server This is the SIP server to which you are connected, and will be the system's IP address.
    Server Address This is the system's IP address.
    Server Port This is the SIP port, and will be 5060.
  3.Keyset Information
    Hardware Version This selection provides information about your IP keysets hardware and firmware.
    MAC Address This is the MAC (Media Access Control) hardware address of the IP keyset.
    Firmware Version This is the version of firmware installed in the IP keyset.
    Option Module Indicates if you have an option module (such as the WHA Wireless Headset Adapter) installed on your IP keyset.
  Address? Enter the IP address you want to ping and push OK.
  • The keyset will send four pings to the entered address.
  • NG Indicates a failed ping. OK indicates a successful ping.