Programming PBX / Centrex Compatibility

Additional Feature Information
PBX / Centrex Compatibility

Setting Up the PBX/ Centrex Compatibility Options

Set Line Types and Access Codes.

  1. 3101-04: PBX Line [Lines: Config: Setup: Type (3101): PBX Line]
    Use this option to set a line as a PBX line.
    A line will only use the PBX Access Codes Table if it is programmed as a PBX line.
    Option Description
    No (0) [Default] Disabled.
    Yes (1) Enabled.
  2. 3401-01: PBX Access Code Digits [Lines: PBX Codes: Codes: Digits (3401):
    Use this option to enter the codes into the PBX Access Codes table.
    You can enter up to 10 PBX Access Codes.
    Each code is either 1 or 2 digits long, using digits 0-9 and #.
    You can use * as a wild card character that can be entered in any position.
    Option Description
    Digits PBX Access Code (2 digits max., using 0-9 and #, with * as a wild card representing any digit).
    - [Default] = no entries.