Night Service / Night Ring

Additional Feature Information
Night Service / Night Ring

Using Night Service / Night Ring

To put the system in the night mode (if you have a Night key):

  1. Press your Night key.
    1. Your Night key is on (red) when the system is in the night mode.
  2. Press your Night key again to put the system back into the day mode.
    1. Your Night key goes out when the system is in the day mode.

To answer a call you hear ringing over the Paging system:

  1. Lift the handset.
  2. Dial *0.
    1. If this doesn't answer the call, your system is using a Paging system that doesn't provide this feature.
  3. Talk to the caller.

To assign a Night key:

  1. Push Menu.
    • Super Display: Push Key Assignment + Feature Keys.
    • Keyset: Dial 51.
  2. See Feature Keysfor more.