Group Listen

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Group Listen

Using Group Listen

To set up Group Listen:

  1. Place or answer a call using the handset.
  2. Press SPEAKER twice (but do not hang up).
    1. SPEAKER flashes slowly red.
  3. Talk to the caller through your handset.
    1. You and your co-workers hear your caller’s voice over your telephone speaker.
    2. Your handsfree microphone is off.

To talk Handsfree after initiating Group Listen:

  1. Press SPEAKER twice.
  2. Hang up.
    1. SPEAKER is on.
    2. Talk to your caller using the Handsfree speaker and microphone.

To cancel Group Listen and return to your handset:

  1. Do not hang up.
  2. Press flashing SPEAKER.
    1. SPEAKER is off.
    2. Talk to your caller over your handset. Your co-workers can no longer hear your caller’s voice.