Door Box

Additional Feature Information
Door Box

Calling to and from the Door Box

To place a call from the Door Box:

  1. Press the Door Box call button.
  2. When someone inside the building answers your call, speak toward the Door Box.
    1. Once you press the call button, you can not control the call. You must wait for someone to answer.

To place a call to the Door Box:

  1. Lift handset and press INTERCOM.
  2. Dial the Door Box extension number.
    1. You hear two beeps, then conversation with the visitor at the door.

To answer Door Box chimes or ringing:

  1. Lift the handset.
  2. Talk to the visitor at the door.

Remotely Controlling the Door

To activate the Door Box relay (which in turn controls the door strike):

  1. Place or answer a Door Box call.
  2. Do one of the following:
    1. Push Open to open the door (if closed). Alternately press FLASH.
    2. Push Close to close the door (if open). Alternately press FLASH.