Additional Feature Information

To leave a Callback at a busy co-worker's extension:

  1. Call the busy extension.
    1. Listen for busy or busy/ring tone.
    2. With IntraMail installed, you will hear a voice prompt first.
  2. Push Callback (Clbk), or dial 2 and hang up.
    1. Push Camp and stay on the line without hanging up if you want to Camp-On instead.
  3. When your busy co-worker becomes free, you hear Intercom ringing.
  4. Answer the Intercom ring.
    1. The system automatically places a call to your co-worker.
    2. Speak to your co-worker when the call goes through.

To clear (cancel) a Callback you have left:

  1. Press CLEAR.
  2. Push Callback (Clbk).
  3. Push Yes to clear callbacks or Cancel to quit the procedure without clearing.
    1. If you have left callbacks for several extensions, this simultaneously clears all your Callbacks.