Automatic Slot Configuration

The system automatically installs PCBs when you power up the system.
Programming for this Feature
Programming Automatic Slot Configuration


Automatic Slot Configuration automatically sets up station and line PCBs when you initially power up the system. This simplifies installation because you don’t have to use system programming to activate station and line PCBs after you plug them in.

Here’s how Automatic Slot Configuration works:

  1. With power off, install your station and line PCBs.
  2. With the system powered down, install the station and line PCBs from left to right in the order you want your extension and line numbers set up.
    • Be sure to install a 16ESIU PCB in the first slot (CN1).
    • You don’t have to group your station and line PCBs together, although it may be more convenient to do so.
  3. Power up the system.
  4. On power up, the system scans the PCBs from left to right and sets up the extension and line numbering as follows.
    • Extension numbers will begin with 300 in the first slot and increment from left to right.
    • Line numbers will begin with 101 (starting from the first installed line PCB) and will also increment from left to right.

System reset does not cause reconfiguration. Automatic Slot Configuration is temporarily disabled during a system reset.

Conditions and Defaults


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Default Setting

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Release Notes (System)

Very Intermittent ESIU Card Startup Issue

[3.00.32] A very intermittent condition is corrected that could cause an ESIU (digital station) card not to start up on power-up or reset.

Reference: A090406001

Release Notes (Admin)

Incorrect Default Slot Assignments

[3.00T] In prior System Administrator versions, a default DSX-80/160 database would be incorrectly populated with cards in slots 1 and 3. This has been corrected.

Reference: A090514012

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