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Zultys 36G IP Telephone Available Today

Now available from Zultys: affordable, functional gigabit telephony with the 36G.

Great new phone from Zultys: the 36G

Affordable Gigabit SIP telephony from Zultys

G’d Up From the Feet Up

Designed to replace the Zultys 35i and compete with the cut-rateĀ gigabit SIP offerings from companies like Polycom, Snom and Cisco, the dual Gig port 36G is compatible with any SIP-friendly telephone system or hosted product. It works especially well with the Zultys MX250, MXSE, MXvirtual and Zultys hosted / UCaaS options.


The phone features a 3.7″ graphical display and 8 softkeys for choosing on-screen menu options. The screen is 240 x 120px and supports XML and an XML browser. In addition, the phone supports LDAP based contact directories.

But how many buttons does it have?

Replacing the paper button labels of primitive telephones, the 8 screen-adjacent softkeys are digitally labeled for up to 21 speed dials and features for ease of use and instant gratification when you make a change to your phone.

That is not enough buttons. I want all the buttons

Ok. We heard you. You can add up to 6 of the 340M expansion modules if you need yet more buttons. That can take you up to 228 LCD-labeled programmable keys. Keep in mind there are 11 dedicated feature keys AND a 4-way Nintendo-style directional pad with selection button AND 4 additional softkeys that let you navigate on-screen menu options. At some point we need to leave room on your desk for a coffee mug.

I am satisifed with the buttons. But what about how calls sound?

The speakerphone is full duplex for talking over each other on a call. Speakers are wideband HD. The audio is nothing less than exceptional.

Alright what does it cost

This phone is competitive with the Polycom VVX310. Contact for a quote.

What else?

  • 802.3af power over ethernet support – use off the shelf PoE components. Nothing crazy here.
  • Supports VLAN, DSCP, QOS
  • Paging, auto-answer support
  • Call park, pickup
  • Supports the Zultys EHS. The EHS is the Electronic HookSwitch. This is a device you can use to connect to a Plantronics, Sennheiser or GN Netcom/Jabra wireless headset so you can pickup and disconnect calls by pressing a button on your headset while you are away from your phone.
  • Find the brochure here

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