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Survey says: Telephones still useful

The invaluable telecom resource No Jitter has the results of a survey performed by Pew Research Center regarding the most useful office communication tools. Pew asked 535 employed adults what they consider to be ‘very important’ to their job. Results show that the office phone, considered roadkill by Forbes recently and as long as four years ago by TechCrunch, might have been declared dead prematurely. While email has become more and more the primary mode of communication, telephones apparently still have their uses.

Solutions for our Los Angeles telephone system customers such as Mitel, Zultys and NEC provide not just landline phone integration but voicemail integration into email, smartphone apps, ‘Find Me Follow Me’ features for cell phones and home phones, software-based telephones that are like an office telephone system version of consumer products like Skype and FaceTime, and desktop applications that can serve as your business communications dashboard.

Office Communications Survey

All the usual suspects still here on this survey by the Pew Research Center

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