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Mitel Number One for Cloud Communications

Mitel reports that they have won the top spot globally for cloud communications. The press release noted that Mitel has 850,000 seats worldwide, about 20% of the world total. Barely weeks later, Mitel blew through that barrier and announced its millionth seat in its press release from February 26.

I would add that Mitel, alone with Zultys, offers purely VMware hosted systems for the data center, just running circles around other competing solutions when it comes to deployment flexibility. We don’t have any hardware we require you to buy at all with Mitel, and we can utilize nearly all of the VMware tools your IT staff is using already on other applications, from vMotion to High Availability.

With Mitel we can provide a hosted, subscription based service that includes warranty, support, a phone number and phone service. We can host your system for you in our data center. We can work on your system in your data center. We can work on your system in your office in a traditional branded Mitel box. And, we can work on a hybrid of any or all of these options.

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