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Mitel in Los Angeles

Since it is President’s Day (though you wouldn’t know it by looking around the busy Extenda office), I thought we might take a moment to observe some Mitel Los Angeles history. Makes perfect sense if you don’t think about that at all.

While many know that Mitel is a Canadian company, what is interesting  to Southern Californians is their footprint in our region. Mitel has a rich history of integrating local Southland businesses into their product lineup. I would argue that this makes them at least part Angeleno.

1994 Xenium – Mitel and Ventura-based Xenium had a partnership to market and sell call center software, specifically software providing Call Back in Queue and Automatic Call Distribution (ACD).

2000 Vertex Networks – some of Mitel’s original secret VoIP call quality sauce was undoubtedly developed by Irvine-based Vertex. Vertex designed and manufactured semiconductors that reduced delays when transmitting voice over data networks.

Conexant-Philsar Connection: Mitel was an early adopter and promoter of Bluetooth technologies (and with USB as a standard! This link discusses Mitel breaking new ground with USB telephones in 1996). Philsar and Mitel originally co-developed a module for Bluetooth with Matsushita (better known in the US for its brand Panasonic) that helped speed the adoption of the standard. After Mitel and Philsar announced an alliance in 1999, Irvine-based Conexant stepped in and bought Philsar in 2000 in the middle of the dot-com boom.

Los Angeles-based Telecom Carrier Integration: Both Bandtel and local 800-lb gorilla TelePacific are certified on Mitel’s core business products for a native SIP trunk handoff.

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