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Unified Communications for hotels, motels, resorts and country clubs

For a lot of our customers, Unified Communications sells itself. When we show sales managers that they can instant message their sales reps from any device, or show customer service teams that they can see presence and status for coworkers scattered across different locations, they instantly see how it solves problems they have wrestled with for years. Whether the Unified Communications software is a Zultys MXIE, Mitel MiCollab or Phone Manager, or NEC Desktop Suite, the desktop solutions are as important – if not more so – than the phone systems they integrate with for many of our customers.

Some industries have been slower to see the benefits of a UC-enabled PBX or hosted telephony platform. Customer-facing verticals like medical, retail and restaurants feature employees that are not in front of a computer enough to take full advantage, though smartphone integration and electronic medical records are changing that perception.

Hospitality is another vertical where many key employees are not in front of a PC for much of their workday. However, with smartphones proliferating and healthy WiFi networks a requirement for most hotels and motels, things are changing rapidly.

VoIP Hospitality Solutions

The various phenomena of convergence and Bring Your Own Device architectures have suddenly made Unified Communications a productivity booster for hotels, motels, resorts and country clubs. SIP trunking especially with its unmetered (no charge) long distance and ability to scale up or down with a phone call can be a huge cost savings as hotels wrestle with declining use of the room telephones and seasonal swings in usage.

Motel solutions

Desktop software for front desk positions used to cost thousands of dollars. Nowadays, at least a basic version of UC software is practically thrown in with every system installed. Many motels only have a couple of system desk phones, which we can largely do away with now with smartphone apps that double as smartphones. This kills two birds with one stone – we can retire both the clunky analog cordless phones and extra deskphones and data cables scattered about.

Find Me/Follow Me features providing tight cell phone integration with the telephone system allow owners and security to maintain a connection to the front desk and provide for backup to reception if there is a guest emergency, a critical function for small motels with limited staff, especially at night.

Hotel solutions

Larger properties will offer guests additional amenities that benefit from UC. Mitel MiVoice Business systems will have built-in Property Management System (PMS) integration links and a host of hospitality features, from wake up calls to room status codes. Unified Communications software can enhance these further, providing guest services personnel (concierge, security, and valet, for example) with check in and out functionality so they can be located faster without a separate, disconnected walkie talkie system. Cleaning and groundskeeper personnel can similar be connected to the phone system and located instead of relying on a separate, parallel network of expensive, annoying high powered cordless phones or walkie talkies.

Another UC advantage for hotels is in offering collaboration, video and teleconferencing features for business centers to attract tech-savvy business travelers. We can provide cutting edge collaboration tools from Mitel and Zultys.

Mitel telepresence pictured for audio, video and web collaboration

Desktop sharing, video and audio with Mitel

Resorts and Country Club Solutions

These large campus environments actually stand to benefit the most from UC. In addition to all of the benefits listed above, we can set up virtual tenants on the Mitel system to provide as much or as little visibility between different individual groups and departments within the property as it makes sense for the business while saving on the initial expense of installing the system by avoiding duplication. Campus wide WiFi deployments from Extenda can be used to extend user presence throughout the property. Voice messaging integration with email can help increase the speed and ease with which messages are returned to better serve guests and members.

More commonly, multiple receptionists and operator positions alongside informal, small contact centers exist in parallel. Our Mitel UC solutions can cost effectively give these users the tools they need to get the job done. We can also layer in contact center features including social media outreach and web chat to provide additional features and functionality for providing a superior guest experience and keep up those Yelp, twitter, TripAdvisor and other online reviews.

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